Our mission is to provide the highest quality health care that promotes empowerment, enhances wellness and strengthens our community. The clinical team at Laguna Family Health Center will work closely with other professionals to provide the most comprehensive care for our clients and families. We collaborate with primary care clinicians, specialists, dieticians, alternative health providers, and other professionals in the area to support your total health and wellness. Some services are provided on site by our associated clinicians and some are provided by direct referrals.

Laguna Family Health Center was created out of the desire to provide health services to our community in a model that focuses on wellness and prevention as much as treatment. Our CEO/founder is passionate about mental health and envisioned a practice where clinicians worked hand in hand in treating, preventing and enhancing the quality of life of the individuals served. A nurse practitioner owned psychiatric practice is unique to Orange County and offers mental health care that is comprehensive, client-centered and integrates all aspects of the individual. Our nurse practitioner and psychiatrist are trained in both psychiatry/mental health and primary care, which allows them to consider all aspects of the patient, both physical and mental health. They collaborate with the clients and families in determining a treatment plan and medications, if needed. A common concern in our community is that of prescribers seeing patients for quick visits, focusing almost entirely on medications, over-prescribing, not being open to working with therapists, and not educating patients about their condition or needs. Our nurse practitioner and psychiatrist not only diagnose and treat conditions but they more importantly teach, prevent and empower their patients to take an active role in their own health. Our health care model combines the science of medicine and the art of nursing. Medications are used in conjunction with therapy as the catalyst for growth, with a focus on prescribing only when needed, reducing the use of substances that can increase addiction, and customizing a pharmacological plan specific to the unique needs and symptoms of the individual.

Our therapists and associated clinicians share the same philosophy and bring a variety of skills and modalities to their sessions. Clients are involved in planning their care, duration of treatment and goal setting. Some therapy is brief and solution focused whereas others may need more ongoing therapy, all of which can be accommodated. The medical, therapy and education team meet regularly to collaborate on their mutual clients and discuss ways to improve the total health of the client/family. This collaboration extends into the community where of our clinicians offer workshops, write articles, provide education and services to local schools, parents and law enforcement, and serve as a resource when there are areas of need. Much of the community education is focused on decreasing the stigma of mental illness, increasing access to care and educating individuals and organizations about the facts of mental health and wellness.